Minnesota Deputy Arrested After Caught on Camera Beating K9 Partner


Minnesota Deputy Arrested After Caught on Camera Beating K9 Partner.

It’s not just family pets who are in danger of police officers, but their own K9 partners, who are supposed to be treated as police officers don’t seem to be safe from the thin blue line these days.

Deputy Brett Berry, 48, an 18-year-veteran of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office has been arrested for animal cruelty and assaulting a public safety dog, after being thrown out of a casino, and then caught on security camera viciously attacking his K9 partner.

The incident took place on June 15 around 3 a.m., at the K-9 trials at Black Bear Casino in Carlton, which provides training and certification for K9 officers. It is unclear why Berry was asked to leave, other than “staff complaints”, but judging by his behavior in the parking lot, it seems as though they made the correct decision.

After going to his room to collect his belongings and the dog, Berry is seen in the parking lot picking up the animal by its collar and slamming it around like a rag doll. The frightened animal managed to get away, but the deputy chased behind him.

The dog managed to get back to the hotel, and attempted to run inside, but it became stuck between the sliding doors.  When Berry caught up, he began brutally abusing the dog with his fists.

Berry was not permitted back into the K9 trials and has been placed on administrative leave with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.  Both charges against him are misdemeanors.

The dog was reportedly uninjured and is no longer in the care of Berry.

On Thursday, we reported on the case of Mason, a K9 officer left to die in a hot car- despite being a crime for anyone else, no charges are going to be filed against Corporal Josh Coleman of the Gulf Shores Police Department. But after public outcry, they are now bringing that case before a grand jury.

Just a few short weeks ago we reported on Hialeah Police Officer Nelson Enriquez, a 13-year veteran of the police force in Miami-Dade County who killed the two police dogs left in his care by also leaving them inside of his hot vehicle.  He has not been charged with any crime.

“Deputy Berry was sent home from the K-9 trials and placed on administrative leave,” a written statement from the sheriff’s office said. “The K-9 was evaluated by a veterinarian and no injuries were found. The K-9 partner is currently in the care of others.”

It is estimated that a dog is killed by law enforcement every 98 minutes in the United States, and not even their own partners appear to be safe.

Below is a news report of the incident with grainy surveillance video of the beating as well as a Facebook video posted by Andrew Henderson, whom we’ve written about before, asking other Ramsey County deputies their opinion on the incident.

So this just happened….
Posted by Andrew J Henderson on Saturday, June 27, 2015


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