Missouri Cop Who Lured 60 Straight Men to His Home for Fellatio

Carlos Miller

A Missouri cop with an oral fixation for penis was able

To convince 60 straight men to come to his home for fellatio after placing an ad on Craig’s List.

Chesterfield police officer David Cerna would pose as a woman online, sending men a photo of a woman, telling them that she wanted to perform oral sex on them.

The men would get aroused and make arrangements to meet the woman at her home, only to show up and learn that the woman was shy and did not want to show her face.

So the men would stick their penis through a hole in a door as Cerna kneeled on the other side, performing oral sex on them. Sixty men in 18 months fell for this ruse.

The Missouri cop would video record the sex acts and post them online on a gay porn site he ran.

And he would also arrest boys and transport them to the police station where he would take them in a backroom and frisk them thoroughly by fondling their genitals, then exposing the genitals so they would be recorded by a secret camera.

And if that did not keep him busy enough, Cerna set up a video camera in the bathroom of a local gas station to provide material for his website.

And that is what led to his arrest after a local television reporter began investigating a secret camera found in the Mobil on the Run. The reporter, Chris Hayes from Fox 2 News, then informed police about the camera, who began investigating, tracking it to their fellow officer.

Cerna, who had been on the force for six years, was arrested and fired. And through the investigation, police found videos of the minors as well as of the men who fell for the fellatio-through-the-door ploy.

And he is now facing a litany of charges, including invasion of privacy charges related to the videos from the Craig’s List hookups to sexual exploitation of a minor stemming from the boys he secretly recording while fondling their genitals.

Cerna, 34, pleaded guilty on Monday to the invasion of privacy charges. He has yet to attend trial for the sexual exploitation charges.


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