MN Deputy Convicted for Abusing K9 Partner While Drunk, Keeps Job


Minnesota Deputy Convicted for Abusing K9 Partner While Drunk, Keeps Job Despite 22,000 Petition Signatures.

A Minnesota deputy caught on video abusing his K9 partner pled guilty last month to animal abuse charges, and claimed in court that he was blackout drunk during the incident, which can be seen below.

Ramsey County deputy Brett Berry avoided jail time for the beating, and was instead fined by the courts, and sentenced 1 year probation in lieu of 90 days in jail.

He will pay a $1,200 fine.

But Berry has kept his job at the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office despite the offensive nature of his criminal actions, and their obvious relation to his ability to function as a law enforcement officer. Their phone number is (651) 266-9333.

Twenty two thousand petitioners on wanted the Sheriff whose territory covers St. Paul, Minnesota to prosecute the officer to the fullest extent of the law, and then afterwards to fire Deupty Berry.

Over eight thousand other citizens follow a “Justice for Boone” Facebook page, which had the following to say about the light penalty given to deputy Berry in light of his serious job-related charges:

“So sad, they could have done the right thing and send a clear cut message to the public and law enforcement alike , we don’t care who who you are, animal abuse is crime no matter who you are. Pretty much knew the outcome already because you have a sympathetic County Attorney, who himself has had alcohol problems and arrests. Sad sad day.”

Ironically, the Minnesota deputy’s incident was caught on camera during a sheriff’s dog training event.

Deputy Ramsey beat his K9 partner Boone on June 15, 2015 around 3 a.m., at the K-9 trials at Black Bear Casino in Carlton, which provides training and certification for K9 officers.

PINAC initially reported that it was unclear why Berry was asked to leave, other than “staff complaints”, but judging by the video of his behavior in the parking lot and subsequent conviction, they made the right call.

After going to his room to collect his belongings and the dog, Berry is seen in the parking lot picking up the animal by its collar and slamming it around like a rag doll.

The frightened animal managed to get away, but the deputy chased behind him.

The dog managed to get back to the hotel, and attempted to run inside, but it became stuck between the sliding doors.

When Berry caught up, he began brutally abusing the dog with his fists.

Berry was not permitted back into the K9 trials and was placed on administrative leave with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office at the end of June.

Ramsey County did at least manage to re-assign Berry from K9 duty.


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