NC Cop Plants Heroin, Meth on Man Dating Ex-Girlfriend to Win her Back: Arrested

Carlos Miller

He was arrested after a year-long investigation.

Consumed with jealousy and rage over the man dating his ex-girlfriend, a North Carolina sheriff's deputy purchased heroin and methamphetamine from a dealer, then planted the drugs in the car of the man dating his ex.

Anson County sheriff's deputy David Scott Burroughs then tipped off fellow deputies by telling them the man was dealing drugs out of his car. He told them the exact location inside the man's trunk where they would find the drugs.

He told them he had been tipped off by members of the public. And sure enough, they found the drugs rights where Burroughs told them they would be.

However, rather than destroy the man's life as would normally happen, detectives became suspicious because three days had gone by since Burrough's tip and the drugs had not been moved.

That was a huge red flag, according to Anson County Sheriff Landric Reid because if the man had truly been dealing drugs out of his car, then the drugs would have been already sold or at least moved to another location.

According to WSOC-TV:

Reid said in March of 2018, former Deputy David Scott Burroughs bought drugs, such as heroin and meth, and planted them in the car.

He told his fellow officers about tips from the public that indicated the man was dealing out of his car.

“This started on a Sunday afternoon,” Reid said.

“By Wednesday, when we made the stop, drugs were at the same place in the car. That was a red flag cause anyone selling drugs wouldn't have them Sunday to Wednesday in the same place."

The father of the victim also called the sheriff concerned that the drugs may have been planted.

Burroughs was fired immediately and the sheriff asked the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to investigate, which evidently lasted more than a year.

Burroughs was arrested last week and released on bond. The local news reports do not specify his exact charges. His next hearing is April 16.

The sheriff said any cases he was involved with will be dismissed.

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