New York Cop Arrested on Felony Charge after Citizen Records him Beating Man

Carlos Miller

More cops may end up arrested as investigation continues.

An Albany police officer was arrested and charged with a felony assault charge Tuesday after video evidence showed him attacking a man with a baton who was committing no crime.

Luke Deer was also charged with misdemeanor official misconduct.

And two other officers involved in the assault were suspended – without pay – including Michael Seeber, who was arrested last year on a misdemeanor assault charge after he was accused of punching a bartender, only for the charge to be dismissed.

Seeber, who was named Officer of the Year last year, may also face criminal charges for the latest incident because he kicked a man's door down after the man refused to open his door unless they showed him a search warrant.

The cops dragged the man out of his house where one officer stomped on him, witnesses told the Albany Times-Union.

The incident took place March 16 after police responded to a call of loud music and arrested three men on charges of inciting a riot, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental operations and endangering the welfare of a child.

However, the witness who recorded the above footage sent the video to the Albany Police Department, which launched an investigation by reviewing police body cam footage resulting in the arrest and suspensions.

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins said the body cam footage is not being released but will be made public eventually.

Hawkins also said that all charges against the three men have been dismissed.

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For Shame on each and everyone of these Mommies For Spreading their Legs and giving birth to these Varmint Creatures!

Nick Nitro
Nick Nitro

Officer Luke Deer's mother raised a coward!


The charges against the 3 men arrested were dropped. Not the cops. Those a$$holes should go to jail. But I agree with your sentiment.


All Charges Dismissed. End of story. Consistently protecting the criminal cops rather than remove them. Just boys being boys.

Cops In Cuffs