New York Cop, Wife Arrested for Plotting to Rob Lucky Winner at Casino

Ben Keller

A New York cop and his wife were arrested Wednesday for plotting to rob a casino patron who'd gone on a winning streak.

Nassau County police officer Bruce Moeller, 32, and his wife, Christina Moeller, who works as a cashier at Jake's 58 Hotel & Casino, were arrested and charged with fourth-degree conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

However, the charges could be upgraded because investigators found the couple also allegedly planned to rob an armored car as well.

Prosecutors say Christina Moeller, 29, observed a patron winning a lot of money inside of Jake's 58 on March 1.

Christina then texted officer Moeller about the lucky customer.

When he got the text, Moeller drove to Jake's armed with his gun, planning to rob the lucky winner

But officer Moeller couldn't find him.

The pair were arrested after a DEA investigation into a drug ring that resulted in seven other arrests, nine including the Moellers, involved in a drug trafficking ring that dealt in cocaine, heroine and painkillers.

It was during that investigation that detectives learned about and gathered evidence against Moeller's wife.

Some of the nine were arraigned on drug conspiracy and weapons charges, according to News12.

Officer Moeller, along with his wife, pleaded not guilty.

William Petrillo, Bruce Moeller's defense attorney, says he plans to defend the officer vigorously because he's cop and served in the Marine Corps.

William Petrillo

" We plan to strongly defend against these allegations," Petrillo said.

"[He] served the country in the Marines for four years including two tours in Afghanistan where he received approximately nine medals for heroic combat. He’s a Nassau County police officer for three and a half years," the attorney argued in a statement to News 12.

Thomas Spreer, Christina Moeller's attorney, argued that his client has been working at Jake's 58 for about a year, after her father died, and has a clean record.

"She’s never been arrested," said Spreer,

We have to explore what the district attorney’s allegation is. She has never been in trouble."

Bruce Moeller was released from jail on a $30,000 bond.

Christina Moeller's bond was set at $50,000.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said officer Moeller will remain on paid leave while an internal affairs investigation is conducted.

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