New York Cops Arrested by DEA On Drug Charges, Were Boyfriend & Girlfriend


Drugs and dating cops just don't mix.

Two Nassau County police officers were arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration this week for their connection to a drug ring in Long Island that sold heroin and cocaine among other drugs. The cops arrested are actually in a dating relationship with each other.

Officer Karen Ernst, 32, and her boyfriend, Erik Skoglund, 28, were both arrested following a six month DEA investigation into a Long Island drug ring. Seven other non-officers were also arrested in connection to the exact same ring on Monday, reports NBC New York.

The criminal complaint charges the officers with possession with intent to sell, to criminal possession of a controlled substance, to possession of a firearm, police said.

The compliant further alleges that the drug of choice for Ernst and Skoglund included heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and painkillers.

Brian Griffin, the attorney for Ernst, says:

“ [Karen is a] well-regarded and highly-respected police officer having served and protected the residents of both New York City and Nassau County. She will enter a not guilty plea and we will vigorously litigate this matter.”

Mark Alter, the attorney for Skoglund, said in a statement that:

"Nassau County Police Officer Erik Skoglund will enter a not guilty plea at his arraignment and he looks forward to being vindicated through the Court process."

Detective Richard LeBrun, a police department spokesman, refused to comment on the arrests.

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