New York Police Officer Put Camera in Womens' Changing Room

Alexander Ruckh

Joshua Brown

A Lewiston, NY police officer was arrested for spying on a woman.

Alexander Ruckh, 31, of the Lewiston Police Department was arrested by New York State Police on Dec. 13 and charged with three counts of second degree unlawful surveillance, an E felony.

The arrest was announced over a month later on January 17, according to WKBW News.

State police say Ruckh placed technology in a female changing area back in 2017.

Police are not giving away the alleged location at this time due to the identity of the victim.

Police confirmed that Ruckh was not on duty during the alleged actions but is currently suspended without pay until further investigations.

According to state police reports, state police began an investigation on Nov. 27, 2018. The investigation revealed that Ruckh placed surveillance equipment in the changing area in 2017. 

Lewiston Police Chief Frank Previte confirmed Thursday that Ruckh has been suspended without pay until further notice. 

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2 Lewiston NY police officers were caught stealing gas and both remained on force. Suspended for 30 days but allowed to work those 30 days in the village. 2017 Chris Salada the retired chief of Town of Lewiston police nephew crashed into another car on way to work as a LPD officer. He was charged with DWI but never lost time and still employed? Town of Lewiston police never post openings as only family and friends are hired!


More Blue Privilege in not announcing the arrest promptly and everyone wonders what else they don't announce and who trusts them anymore!

Cops In Cuffs