North Carolina Chief Deputy Arrested on Gun Theft Charges

Don Eberhardt

Keith Palmer

He was a Chief Deputy and second in command to a sheriff, but he lost it all after being arrested on gun theft charges

On July 8 Don Eberhardt, 50, former Chief Deputy of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina was arrested after an investigation by special agents with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’s Special Investigations Unit. 

On April 21 the State Bureau of Investigation was requested by the Buncombe County District Attorney to conduct an investigation into an alleged theft by Eberhardt of a firearm from Carolina Guns and Gear in Asheville, NC that happened on April 9. The alleged stolen pistol was a 556/Delton/Dri-15, valued at $500.

On Monday, July 6 a Buncombe County grand jury returned a true bill of indictment on the charges of felonious larceny and felonious possession of stolen goods, ABC 17 News reports.

On July 8 Eberhardt turned himself in at the Buncombe County Detention Center just before 8 a.m. After going before a magistrate, he was issued a written promise to appear. The Buncombe County District Attorney has referred the prosecution of this case to the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys. 

At the initial point of the investigation Eberhardt was placed on paid administrative leave effective April 24th while the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation conducted an investigation. However, Eberhardt is not an employee with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office anymore. It is unclear if Eberhardt was terminated or resigned.

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Another Uncle Tom cop


how the fuck do you steal a gun from a gun store???? what did they do ! let him have free unsupervised run of the store after flashing his magic badge of "i can do what ever i want" the laws don't apply to me! WTF!
since we are doing a crack down on crooked cops, just hand him the daily deal and tell him to pack his prison suitcase........

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