North Carolina Cop Arrested on Prostitution Solicitation Charge and then Resigns

Jesse Hillis

Keith Palmer

This cop allegedly solicited a prostitute at a gas station two minutes away from the police precinct

37-year-old Officer Jesse Hillis of the Greensboro Police Department in Greensboro, North Carolina resigned last week ahead of charges that he solicited a prostitute. 

On August 22 police charged Hillis with soliciting or procuring a prostitute at the Sam's Mart at 2906 S. Elm-Eugene St. 

According to CBS 17 News, Hillis resigned from his position as a police officer on Aug. 19, three days before charges were filed.

Also charged is Sarah Marie Parada who faces an engaging in prostitution charge at the same address. Police filed her charge on Friday, a day after the charges was taken out against Hillis. 

Hillis joined the Police Department on Jan. 16, 2006. He worked in the patrol division. 

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I dont get it was he the prostitute or the john? by the looks of him it could go either way


Two consenting adults + stupid law = hardship. Whilst this man has probably used the same equation willfully throughout his career, there is still no excuse for stupid laws.

Cops In Cuffs