North Carolina Prison Guard Arrested for Drug Smuggling to Inmates

Joshua Brown

Travis Terez Hubbard, a North Carolina prison guard,

Was arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana and prescription drugs into a prison earlier this week.

Get this, he even tried to run once police showed up.

But he was already inside the prison, so that made things tricker.

Now, he is sitting in the Anson County Jail under an $80,000 secured bond.

Hubbard is a guard, or shall I say “was a guard,” at the medium security Brown Creek Correctional Institution in Polkton. On Monday, Hubbard showed up to work as usual, but prison guards supervising the clearance gate didn’t allow Hubbard to pass because of a unspecified detection hit.

It was then that prison supervisors called Polkton Police. Once the police arrived, Hubbard made a fruitless run for it. In the mad dash, Hubbard was apprehended by police at his car in the prison parking lot.

Police found an ounce of marijuana and 18 strips of the narcotic pain reliever Suboxone near Hubbard’s vehicle, drugs that he apparently tossed to “avoid detection”. Subsequently, police also found 1.5 ounces of packaged marijuana inside of Hubbard’s vehicle. Police say that Hubbard intended to deliver the drugs to inmates.

Suboxone is a prescription drug that is meant to treat dependence on strong pain relieving medication such as Oxycodone, Morphine, Hydrocodone etc. The suboxone strips dissolve faster, making them more potent than the traditional pills.

Hubbard was arrested and charged with two counts of attempt to provide inmates with controlled substance, possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana and suboxone strips, felony possession of marijuana and resist/delay/obstruct an officer.

Hubbard has a court date scheduled for January 5th.


The Brown Creek Correctional Institution is home to many incidents of guard and employee misconduct. Earlier this year in July, inmate Kristopher McNeil escaped the Brown Creek prison with the help of a food service worker at the prison. McNeil was eventually caught, and both were arrested.

In 2013, prison guard James Dutton was arrested after police found 24 grams of marijuana in his vehicle in the prison parking lot. A tip from a prison informant led to the arrest.


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