North Carolina Prison Guard Arrested for Trying to Bring Drugs to Inmates

Casonja Crowder

Joshua Brown

From prison guard to jail time.

A sergeant at Lanesboro Correctional Institution in Polkton, North Carolina has been arrested for trying to bring drugs into the prison. Lanesboro Correctional Institution is North Carolina's most dangerous prison.

Sgt. Casonja Crowder, 34, was arrested by the Polkton Police Department on Monday after an internal investigation into her alleged conduct. Crowder was arrested at work while on duty. Crowder resigned her position effective immediately following the arrest.

The NC Department of Public Safety says that Crowder was specifically charged with Felony Conspiracy to Deliver Marijuana and Suboxone to an Inmate and Felony Possession of Marijuana and Suboxone.

Suboxone is used to reduce symptoms of opiate addiction and withdrawal.

Kenneth Lassiter, Director of Prisons stated:

“The department appreciates the local law enforcement collaboration in making this arrest for these very serious charges. I want to commend our special operations team and management at the facility for taking action and preventing these drugs from entering the facility. We want it known that we will work with the District Attorney’s Office to help ensure any staff suspected of bringing contraband into a prison will be prosecuted.”

Officials say Crowder had been with the Department of Corrections since 2015.

From 2013 through 2017, 57 North Carolina prison employees were charged with crimes while on duty. Four of the 57 employees got prison time. 30 got probation. But, 60 percent of the cases were dismissed.

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