North Carolina Sheriff's Candidate Arrested for Selling Drugs

Robert Crump and his son Will Crump

Joshua Brown

If you are running for sheriff, then it is a good idea not to sell drugs.

The Democratic candidate for sheriff in Caldwell County, NC was arrested on drug charges. Robert Crump, 63, and his son, Will Crump, 30, were both arrested. Will is also his father's campaign manager. The arrests come after state police executed a search warrant at the Crump residence.

The two sold drugs to undercover state police officers on several occasions.

On Wednesday September 5th a search warrant was issued after a month long investigation. A special agent with the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) reportedly made numerous purchases of marijuana from Will and Robert Crump at their residence, the Caldwell Journal reports.

Investigators say they found a 1/2 pound of marijuana. Additionally, digital weighing scales, packaging material, ledgers and numerous other items of drug paraphernalia were found during the search.

A 30-30 rifle and money were also seized. Some of the money seized contained marked bills, which were used in some of the previous undercover marijuana buys. The money was reportedly found to be in Sheriff Candidate Robert Crumps possession.

Both Robert and Will Crump have been charged with felonious possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana and felonious maintain a dwelling to keep/store a controlled substance.

A criminal history of Will Dixon Crump indicated he has been previously charged with Felonious Possession of Heroin on September 12, 2017 and Felonious Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance on April 9, 2018.

A criminal history of Robert Lewis Crump indicated he was found guilty on April 26, 1993 of Misdemeanor Maintain a Dwelling to Keep/Store a Controlled Substance and Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana in Caldwell County Superior Court.

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