NY Deputy Fined After Pleading Guilty to Slapping Man in Incident

Carlos Miller

New York Deputy Fined After Pleading Guilty to Slapping Man in Incident Caught on Video.

The Saratoga New York deputy who was arrested in November after he was caught on video slapping a man on the back of the head for refusing to allow his car to be searched pleaded guilty Tuesday.

But as expected, former Saratoga County deputy Shawn Glans got off lightly, having to pay a fine, but avoiding probation and anger management classes, which is something he can use, judging by his behavior in the video posted below.

After all, this is the man who after slapping Colin Fitch, turned to Fitch’s friend, who had recorded the incident, and told him, “I’ll rip your fucking head off and shit down your fucking neck.”

Not that Glans was aware he was being recorded at the time. And not that he would have acted any differently, he later told a local news site.

Glans will also have to abide by an order of protection, forbidding him from coming in contact with Fitch for a year.

His attorney accused the men of “baiting” Glans, a common accusation for citizens standing up for their Constitutional rights.

Glans was charged with harassment and official misconduct when he should have been charged with battery, but it was shocking that he was arrested and ordered to resign within two days of the incident.

According to the Albany Times-Union:

The harassment charge states Glans slapped Fitch “in the back of the head with an open hand.”
As he walked out of the court Tuesday, he said he was glad to put the episode behind him. His attorney, Matt Chauvin of Halfmoon, called Wormuth’s sentence “the best possible outcome” for his client. Chauvin said there was more to what happened than what the video showed.
“They were baiting Mr. Glans,” Chauvin said outside the court.
Inside the courtroom, Special Prosecutor Brandon Rathbun, a Washington County assistant district attorney, argued before the judge that law enforcement officers needed to be held to a higher standard than civilians.
He asked Wormuth to impose a sentence for Glans that included the probation, anger management classes, community service and an order of protection.
Chauvin said Glans said “one misdemeanor, one moment in time” shouldn’t erase Glans’ more than 27 years in the. Marines and police departments without a prior criminal offense. The attorney said that while Glans was not proud of what happened Nov. 7, he had resigned and didn’t need to undergo anger management.
Wormuth sided with Chauvin, though he did agree to the prosecution’s request for the order of protection.

Glans, who was also forced to resign from a part-time position as a South Glens Falls, has until May 21 to pay the $1,505 fine.

Although his attorney tried to make it seem as if Glans had 27 years of exemplary service, he neglected to mention that in 1996, a federal jury found him responsible for speeding up to three times the posted limit when he caused a wreck that left another man paralyzed, resulting in Saratoga County having to pay an undisclosed settlement to the victim.


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