NYPD Cop Arrested after she was Caught Stealing Designer Clothes from Macy's

Keith Palmer

This NYPD cop gets a lot of attention wherever she goes, so stealing is probably not a good fit for her

A NYPD police sergeant who earned more than $100,000 last year is now suspended without pay after she was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from Macy’s.

Sgt. Eva Pena, 37, was arrested September 3 after she allegedly tried to walk out of a Yonkers, NY Macy's without paying for $359 in clothing. Pena was off duty when she was arrested, NBC reports.

Court documents say surveillance cameras captured Pena going into a dressing room with several clothing items and then emerging without the items. Other footage showed Pena removing tags from a pair of Tommy Hilfiger pants, a sweater, a Guess lace dress and several other items — and then placing them in her purse, court documents say.

Eva Pena

Pena was arrested by the Yonkers Police Department as she was trying to leave the store and was charged with petit larceny.

Pena was suspended without pay from her job as an NYPD sergeant.

The Yonkers Police Department had this to say about Pena's arrest:

“She is accused of attempting to leave the store with approximately $359 of unpaid merchandise in her purse.”

Pena reportedly made $107,809 in total pay last year.

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She's a klepto, I bet her crib looks like a dept. store with all the stuff she's stolen.


If you have a statement from NYPD on how much amount of merchandise she attempted to steal, why would you add a different amount to the story? Printing false information to a story with the right infomation makes no sense.


Im surprised she didnt do it in uniform. Doubt they would have called the cops on her

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