NYPD Cop Arrested for Pulling Gun on Waitress, Pointing it at her Head

The cop told the waitress he would shoot her if she didn't come hang out with him.

Drunk off the power of his badge and probably a ton of booze, an off-duty NYPD cop pulled out his gun and pointed it at the head of a waitress at a karaoke bar last week, threatening to shoot her if she didn't come and hang out with him.

He then did the same to another waitress before he and his companion left the bar after arguing with the owner. Thinking the two men were impersonating police, waitresses called police to have the men arrested.

But Hyum Kim, 25, turned out to be a real cop. And so was his companion, Sergeant Jung Kim, who did not intervene when Hyum Kim pulled out his gun and racked it, allowing the magazine and bullets to fall on the floor. He was probably just as drunk.

Hyum Kim was charged with two counts of menacing, which are misdemeanors in New York. Jung Kim was not charged.

The incident took place Tuesday when both cops were hanging out at a karaoke bar in Queens after getting off work, according to the New York Post. They were apparently out of uniform but Hyum Kim's gun was visible.

A waitress asked if he was a gangster and he said, "No, I'm a cop and this is my boss," referring to his drinking partner.

He then racked the gun and the magazine and bullets fell to the floor where they remained after they had left the bar. The other more sober cops found the magazine and bullets on the floor after responding to the call. They also reviewed video footage which showed the waitresses were telling the truth.

Hyum Kim pointed the weapon after the magazine and bullets had fallen to the floor but there could easily have been one bullet left in the chamber.

Hyum Kim makes $52,000 a year while Jung Kim makes $118,715. But both have been suspended without pay.


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So what’s the deal with the guys partner making more than double his pay? That’s very odd unless of course he’s got 20+yrs in. Why would they even throw that bit of info in the article either?


so dose this mean the system is going to start cracking down on BAD COPS or is this just window dressing to keep us happy!