NYPD Cop Charged With Splashing Semen on Woman He Wanted to Date

Carlos Miller

A New York City cop is accused of splashing semen on a female co-worker he had a crush on, hoping it would win her over.

Instead, she reported him to her supervisors; an almost sure-sign of rejection.

And now Sergeant Michael Iscenko, a 54-year-old divorcee, is facing misdemeanor sexual abuse charges.

However, Iscenko, who works in the department’s organized crime bureau, pleaded not guilty Wednesday, apparently confident that he will beat the charge in trial.

But the incident was captured on video, according to a New York Post article from July 7.

The victim, an administrative aide in her 60s, had just left the women’s rest room and was walking back to her office when Sgt. Michael Iscenko, 54, allegedly approached her from behind and splashed the substance on her leg and shoe, the source said.
“She suddenly felt something on her leg, looked down, and said to him, ‘What are you doing?’ “ the source said of the January incident.
“The uniformed member then walked away without responding.”
The woman, whose name was not released, immediately complained to her superiors.
The substance on her leg was tested, and was confirmed to be semen, the source said.
The two are workplace acquaintances, the source said.
On Monday, the Manhattan DA’s Office obtained a warrant ordering the sergeant to provide a DNA sample so that a lab can determine if the substance is a match.

Investigators have not publicly stated whether the semen was his or not, but one source told the New York Daily News that it was an attempt at courtship.

“He was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her,” the source said.

The incident took place on January 23, but Iscenko was not suspended until June 17 and not charged until Wednesday.

Investigator’s also found the woman’s shoe and clothing among his personal belongings.

He is scheduled back in court on November 23.


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