NYPD Cop Convicted for Soliciting Sex Twice in 2 Days, Including Minor


NYPD Officer Convicted for Soliciting Sex Twice in Two Days, Including From Minor

New York City police officer Luis Gutierrez, 39, a married father, is facing up to a year in jail after he caught caught soliciting sex, twice, including once from a minor.

The officer was originally caught approaching an undercover officer who was posing as a dancer on a street notorious for prostitution and offering her cash for sex, while he was on duty in February of 2013.

“He was on patrol with another cop and he was talking to the girls in Spanish,” a source told the New York Post. The Post reported that the other officer who was with him may not have been able to understand the conversation.

The very next day, Gutierrez was busted for soliciting sex from a detective who was posing as a 16-year-old girl over the phone. The officer went to meet up with the detective that he believed was a teenage girl in a Wendy’s parking lot wearing plain clothes and was arrested.

Gutierrez was convicted on Monday of official misconduct, patronizing a prostitute and conspiracy following a four day long trial by jury.

The 15-year veteran remains on the force despite the conviction, still technically on suspension, possibly unpaid but that has not been confirmed.


In what other profession could you be caught soliciting sex while on the clock and remain employed? Forget the fact that he was charged and convicted, the act alone would be enough for termination from almost any other position you can think of.

Not only was Gutierrez soliciting sex, he was attempting to prey on a minor. He will not be placed on a sex offender registry.

“The defendant was a trusted member of the New York City Police Department,”Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement. “He was supposed to uphold the law, but instead was caught — while on duty — offering money to a woman for sexual favors.”

Sentencing for the officer is scheduled for September 21.


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