NYPD Cop Fired For Smoking Weed, Busted Running Prostitution


An NYPD cop was busted for pimping women across state lines while employed on Staten Island as a cop.

Veteran New York cop Eduardo Cornejo was fired on January 15 for failing a drug test and smoking weed, before being picked up for his activities running a prostitution ring.

Cornejo is reportedly a military veteran, his wife is a sergeant with NYPD too.

The couple is recently separated.

The NYPD officer allegedly used his personal car to ferry the prostitutes to “no-tell” motels around the area, and charged his johns $100 for 15 minutes and $150 for 30 minutes, according to the New York Post.

The complaint states that Cornejo frequented one Fort Lee motel, while always checking in in the late evening. That New Jersey town became famous for official corruption as the terminus of the George Washington bridge from New York City, which was shut down by members of the Governor’s office unlawfully as political retaliation

Now, the former NYPD cop who drove prostitutes, wants a commercial driver’s license while he’s out on $200,000 bail.

Cornejo’s stable of prostitutes included a 16-year-old girl, who the officer claimed to the feds he thought was actually 17 years-old.

According to US Attorney Kevin Trowel, “He certainly wasn’t checking their IDs.”

Federal investigators also found a picture of a Christmas tree made of $20 bills displayed on a motel bed on the accused cop’s cell phone according to the NY Daily News. His defense lawyer Michael Padden said the $1,200 in cash was meaningless.

This isn’t the first time Cornejo has run into trouble with the law, or the New York media.

In 2012, the former-NYPD officer was off-duty and taking in a ballgame at Citi Field, home to the New York Mets major league baseball team. Cornejo left his ticketed seat in the bleachers for the “Party City deck” and was arrested when on duty officers ordered him back to his stadium seat, and he refused to depart.

Cornejo was convicted of trespassing and ordered to pay $120 in court costs and 3 days of community service.

He was also banned from Citi Field for 12 months too.

Now, the former NYPD Officer who employed more than ten prostitutes is out on bond, and will have to remain on his best behavior, in stadium, or out.

“Throughout his alleged criminal actions, Cornejo not only abused the public trust given to him as an NYPD officer, but he showed no human decency when he facilitated the exploitation of women for profit. Police officers, like all public servants, are held to a higher standard, and should not violate the very same laws they are supposed to enforce,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Diego Rodriguez.

Members of law enforcement observed Cornejo transporting at least ten different prostitutes he employed to motels throughout the New York metropolitan area, including parts of Long Island and New Jersey. Cornejo often engaged in this conduct directly after leaving his work with the NYPD.

As further detailed in the complaint – which you can see below – Cornejo was surveilled using a lawfully authorized wiretap long before his employment with NYPD terminate.

Law enforcement intercepted statements by Cornejo that showed his commission of the crime.

But one such statement stood above the rest.

Cornejo discussed the way he divides monetary proceeds with the prostitutes he employs and also stated that, if he were to stand outside a motel door with “a bunch of girls,” law enforcement would “know what’s up real quick.”



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