Ohio Cop On Trial For Raping Drunk 16-Year-Old Girl

Joshua Brown

Former Lima Police Department Officer Justin Bentz is currently on trial this week.

Accused of raping a 16-year-old girl while she was drunk off 80-proof alcohol he gave her.

Bentz admits to the sex, but claims she pursued him so strongly that he eventually gave in to her demands.

But toxicologists say the 5-foot, 2-inch girl who weighed less than 100 pounds was so drunk, she could barely walk.

She was found by her sister in a closet wearing only a tank top, curled up in the fetal position.

A nurse determined she suffered blunt force trauma to her vaginal area. A DNA test found his semen on her stomach.

But Bentz appears confident he can beat the charges of rape, kidnapping, two counts of sexual battery and offenses involving underage people.

It all transpired in June 2015 when Bentz came home from work and was eventually in a room alone with the girl. It was then that Bentz offered the girl a shot of 80-proof alcohol. The girl was the sister of Bentz’s roommates.

According to Civitas Media:

The girl testified that she eventually had four or five shots of the beverage; and as a result was on the floor with blurred vision and the inability to walk or stand. Bentz then picked the intoxicated girl up and placed her on the kitchen counter and grabbed her butt, while making attempts to engage in sexual intercourse.

After ignoring her repeated requests to stop, Bentz took the girl’s pants off, and proceeded to have sex.

The teenager, positioning herself to not look at Bentz, said she has tried to block out the events of that night. She testified he came home from his job and eventually was left alone with him in a room. Bentz asked her if she wanted to drink a shot of 80-proof alcohol, which she agreed. He poured it but left the glass in the kitchen for her to retrieve which she did.

One shot led to four or five, she said, and she soon found herself on the floor with blurry vision unable to walk or stand. Bentz picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter where she said he grabbed her buttocks and tried to have sex with her.

Her pants were removed and she said Bentz carried her into his bedroom and got on top of her to engage in sex. She said she told him several times before the alleged assault occurred and during she did not want to engage in sex, using the word “no.”

He also told her to remain silent, which she said she did out of fear because Bentz had a gun and she said Bentz told her he wanted to shoot someone, which was why he left the front door unlocked hoping someone would enter the house giving him the chance to fulfill his wish.

But Bentz’s attorney, Bill Kluge painted a different picture of what happened saying in opening statements:

“She goes over to the counter where Justin [Bentz] was standing and starts coming on to him. They were engaged in foreplay. There was no objection. She went with him voluntarily in the bedroom and she voluntarily engaged in sex, she wanted to have sex. She really wanted to have sex with Justin [Bentz] because she admired him so.”

A toxicology report showed the girl’s blood alcohol level was 0.12 percent to 0.19, which happens to be several times over the legal limit for operating a vehicle.

Bentz was fired by the police department shortly after his arrest in June 2015, The Lima Police Department released the following statement:

“The Lima Police Department is deeply saddened by this incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family. We are grateful for the courage demonstrated by the victim in coming forward to report this tragic event. Justin Bentz’s employment with the Lima Police Department was terminated on June 11, 2015.”


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