Ohio Police Chief Sentenced to Prison for Nude Photos of Teen he Met on Call

Stevenson Benoit

Former police chief gets 5 years in prison over teen's nude photos on cell phone.

The number of stories of police officers involved in sexual relations with minors is nearly as disgusting as the act itself.

Police officers… the costumed bandits who we as a community hire through our tax dollars to enforce the laws of the land and keep us safe are the very same vagrants with a badge breaking them. And in true American fashion, these cops are pointing fingers and arresting everyone else while ignoring the stink emanating from their top lip. This is the state of police in America 2018. Police chief, Andrew Soloman, is the embodiment of the hypocrisy of the profession.

Craig Beach Police Chief Andrew Soloman pleaded guilty to a charge of child pornography in federal court last March. He changed his plea after entering a plea of not guilty in December.

The 37-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison while an additional charge of child pornography was dismissed.

NBC reports:

According to court documents, Soloman is accused of having nude photographs of a 16-year-old girl on his cell phone. Investigators say he also admitted to sending “fake pictures” of male genitalia that he found on the internet.

Court filings reveal that the chief used his official work email to correspond with the teen. He met her while responding to a call about harassment and a juvenile runaway in Lake Milton. The affidavit said the girl told investigators she and Soloman had sex in his car. The affidavit also said Soloman denied having sex with the girl but that they had discussed it.

Police were called to the girl’s aunt’s home on Oct. 24, 2017. The girl ran away before officers arrived and hid in the woods. She was picked up by a passer-by and dropped off at the Craig Beach Police Department. The chief took her back to her aunt’s home and gave her his email address. The teen later moved to Stark County but from Nov. 15 to Nov. 28, the girl and Soloman emailed each other hundreds of times.

The Stark County Children Services contacted Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office after the girl was caught taking nude pictures on her phone. The girl told someone in her home she was talking to “Andy” and that they had sex at least once in his vehicle.

Detectives got a warrant for her electronic devices and upon investigation found that she was emailing Soloman on his government address.

According to the chief, the girl contacted him first. Soloman said in the affidavit he gave the girl his email address so she could talk to him that way if she was uncomfortable talking to him in person. He admitted to receiving some inappropriate pictures from the girl, and he admitted he also sent her inappropriate pictures. According to Soloman, the pair would talk about sex all the time but they never had sex.


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