OK Reserve Cop and Security Guard Charged for Pulling Out Gun an Shoot

Carlos Miller

Oklahoma Reserve Cop and Security Guard Charged for Pulling Out Gun and Shooting Former Cop in Incident Caught on Video.

The Oklahoma security guard and reserve police officer who pulled out a gun and shot a fellow security guard during a weekend gun show is now facing charges – despite the victim insisting he did not want to file charges.

Brian Pounds, an appraiser at the Tulsa County Assessor’s Office as well as a reserve police officer for the Collinsville Police Department, was charged with reckless conduct of a firearm, a misdemeanor.

However, he claims it was all an accident when he pulled out his gun and fired towards former Tulsa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Rick Treadwell, striking him in the finger.

The video shows it was hardly an accident, but a deliberate act of negligence and stupidity.

Pounds, who is married to Tulsa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Judy Pounds, was also a reserve deputy for that same department from 2002 to 2005 under former Sheriff Stanley Glanz, according to Fox 23 News.

The Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office received reports today regarding the recent discharge of a firearm at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. We reviewed those reports and filed a misdemeanor charge of Reckless Conduct with a Firearm. The law presumes that every person charged with a crime is innocent until a judge or a jury determines otherwise. That same standard applies to Mr. Pounds.
There are occasions in which a person is identified as the victim of a crime. The State may take into consideration the wishes of the victim, but ultimately the decision to file is based upon the law and the evidence. I personally spoke with the identified victim in this case before a decision to file was made.

The strongest piece of evidence is the video below, which begs the question, who the hell is training these guys? This guy is not only married to a deputy, but he’s been a reserve officer for at least two agencies where he is handed a badge and a gun.

Tulsa County reserve sheriff’s deputy Robert Gates, who is serving a four-year prison sentence for shooting a man in the back, killing the unarmed man, never received proper training in how to handle a firearm.

And obviously Pounds never did either.


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