Oklahoma Officer Charged with Selling His Department Issued Guns to Pawn Shop

Shawn Karr

Keith Palmer

This cop is accused of pawning his own department's guns for some extra cash

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation arrested Boswell Police Department Officer Shawn Karr, 33, after he allegedly pawned his department-issued firearms. Karr was arrested on January 6 at Boswell City Hall in Oklahoma.

The investigation began last month. Police say they acted after receiving information from the Choctaw County Sheriff about the alleged crimes, KXII News reports.

The Choctaw County sheriff requested The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation investigative assistance after receiving information that Karr pawned four of his department’s guns.

Karr faces one count of felony embezzlement. Karr was booked into the Choctaw County Jail, where his bond was set at $10,000.

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