Oklahoma "Officer of the Year" Arrested for Strangling Son over Marijuana Debate

Carlos Miller

Everything was fine until the conversation turned to weed.

An Oklahoma cop who last year was named "Officer of the Year" was arrested last week for strangling his son inside a restaurant over a marijuana discussion.

Tecumseh Police Sergeant Jess McCord was charged with assault and battery strangulation. He has since bonded out of jail.

The incident took place Friday inside a Buffalo Wild Wings where McCord was having drinks and dinner with his family. At one point, the conversation turned to marijuana, which angered McCord.

His son, Taylor, told his father he should leave because there were children present, but that angered the dad even more.

According to Oklahoma News 4:

> "They were there eating dinner and having some alcohol," said Cpl. Vivian Lozano with the Shawnee Police Department.

> Lozano said Sgt. Jesse McCord, of the Tecumseh Police Department, was at the restaurant with family and friends. They were enjoying dinner and drinks when things took an unpleasant turn.

> "They were having a conversation, which ended up heated, and an argument started," Lozano said.

> According to a police report, the "subject turned to marijuana" and that's when things got heated.

> According to the report, McCord's son, Taylor, told him he should leave because there were children present.

> McCord replied with: "I came with you, and you can't make me get up."

> McCord later said to his son: "You're f*** dead to me, you worthless piece of s***."

> "Jesse McCord ended up choking Taylor," Lozano said.

McCord is now on paid administrative leave.

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LOL. Who else thinks it's a fairly safe bet that McCord was having [a whole lot of] drinks and dinner with his family.


Police are government thugs and are even worse in America than in corrupt Mexico. People are more free in Mexico than America. Wake up America you ain't home of the free!

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