Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting 16-year-old Girl for Oral Sex

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Noemi Cuellar

Cement Police Chief Stacy Burger knew the girl for five years and she considered him a "father figure" and "role model."

A 16-year-old girl said she considered Cement Police Chief Stacy Burger to be a "father figure" and "role model" when he asked her for oral favors in exchange for cash.

When she declined, he asked her if one of her underage friends would be interested in pleasuring him orally but the girl also denied that request, calling him "sick."

The 40-year-old married father of four later sent her a text pleading "Please, don't rat me out."

But she did rat him out and he admitted to the crimes.

Burger, who knew the girl since she was 11 years old, was arrested last month for attempted child prostitution. He was the only officer serving the town of less than 500 residents.

The incident took place in March in the neighboring town of Chickasha while Burger was off-duty in his own car but also wearing a gun.

Burger admitted to soliciting the girl as well as "admitted to trying to contact a second juvenile female for oral sex," according to police.

"I'm a professional, I am not going to deny anything," Burger allegedly told police. "I was off duty, in my own car this wasn't tied to my job at all."

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Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba

If he's the only cop in town then the citizens have made some egregious mistakes in self-government that demand a larger municipality take over.


So when this only cop in town got fired did it descendent of chaos .

These are the same retarded arguments that one of my friends who is a cop lover will make all the time.

Of course when he says legalize gay marriage means there won’t be any kids in 20 years everyone will be gay. So of course I ask are you going to start sucking dick just because it’s legal and he says no.

He makes the same argument about there not being any cop. So I asked if all the sudden we didn’t have any cops in this town are you going to start breaking the law ? Lol cop lovers are dumb people


sick fuck needs his balls cut off!!!

Cops In Cuffs