Oregon Woman Accuses Deputies of Assaulting Her for Recording Arrest

Carlos Miller

Oregon Woman Accuses Deputies of Assaulting Her for Recording Arrest of Suspected Child Molester.

Oregon deputies were arresting a man on two counts of sexual abuse when one of the deputies was accused of assaulting a woman trying to record the arrest.

The video was uploaded to YouTube earlier today under the username of George Mendoza with the headline reading, “Deschutes County sheriff brutality.”

The deschutes county sheriffs del rook George Mendoza into custody on 1/6/16 without showing the warrant they claimed to have. After he was cuffed and secured in the car one of the deputies physically assaulted me.

A search on the Deschutes County sheriff website lists a George Mendoza arrested Wednesday on two counts of first-degree sexual assault where the victim is younger than 14 years old.

The woman in the video appeared to have been at the residence where Mendoza was being served the warrants, apparently not having any idea why they were arresting him.

“What is the charge?” she is asking as she is recording on her phone, a bright light shining directly into the lens, making it impossible to see who was on the other end.

“There’s three sheriff’s here and none of you will tell us the charge?”

“You step back or you’re going to go to jail,” a male deputy can be heard saying.

The woman keeps asking what are the charges as the deputy keeps ordering her to step back.

“This is going on fucking YouTube, what is the charge?” she asks.

That was when it appears the deputy swiped her phone.

“Don’t touch me, what is fucking wrong with you?” she says. “Give me the fucking phone.”

“He just took something out of my fucking hand,” the Oregon woman continues.

She apparently gets the phone back because she starts saying, “I cannot wait to post this shit …” before the video cuts out.

The arresting officer is listed as Grant Johnstone on the sheriff’s website. In 2014, he was one of three deputies who received an award for saving a couple that had driven into a canal.

So perhaps the deputies were only doing their job by arresting a dangerous sexual predator.

But it should not have been too hard to communicate that to the inquisitive woman because it really didn’t seem as if she knew.

After all, this is not exactly something you would want to put on YouTube.


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