Pennsylvania Cop Charged with Homicide for Shooting Unarmed Teen in Back

Carlos Miller

The cop claimed to have feared for his life. But that was before the video surfaced.

A Pennsylvania cop was charged with criminal homicide for shooting an unarmed teen in the back in an incident captured on video, which quickly went viral.

East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld initially told investigators he was in fear for his life because he saw Antwon Rose Jr. turn toward him with a dark object in his hand, prompting him to fire.

But then Rosfeld gave another version of the incident – likely after learning the shooting was captured on video – where he admitted he did not see anything in the teen's hands.

Rosfeld turned himself in early this morning and was released 90 minutes later after posting a $250,000 bond, which did not please the district attorney, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.'s spokesman said Wednesday he believes the magisterial district judge should not have granted the officer bail.

"On the issue of bail, our office argued vigorously against the setting of bail citing both the Pennsylvania State Constitution and statute which indicates that persons charged with a crime that can result in life in prison are not entitled to bail," Mike Manko said in a statement. "We believe the Magisterial District Judge’s ruling on bail was improper but we do not plan on contesting it at this time."

Rosfeld, 30, was sworn in as an officer just 90 minutes before shooting and killing Antwon Rose Jr, but he had been on duty for three weeks, according to CBS Pittsburgh. He had worked in other police departments in the area since 2011.

The incident took place on June 19 when Rosfeld pulled over a car that matched the description of one that had just been involved in a drive-by shooting.

Police found two guns in the car but Rose did not have any guns on him nor did he fire the guns, according to investigators.

Another male in the car also ran but was captured and is now facing attempted homicide charges.


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Looks like the trickle may be becoming a flood. More and more arrests, and soon we'll see more and more convictions, I think. It is not so easy to shoot someone unlawfully and then make up a BS story to justify it after the fact because cameras are everywhere.


Lock this SOS up and throw away the keys! No threat while the kid is running and this cop must be related to the South Carolina cop who shot an unarmed person running away and then lied about the narrative! He got 20 years and that wasn't enough.

Cops In Cuffs