Phoenix Cop Sentenced for Having Sex with Minor Girl

Joshua Brown

Want a baby in ya?

That is exactly what a Phoenix police officer asked a minor 17-year-old girl before having sex with her at her parent’s home.

Officer Justin LaClere was sentenced last Friday to 60 days in jail for luring a minor for sexual exploitation and sexual conduct with a minor. Both charges are felonies.

But in a peculiar plea deal, LaClere received a extremely light sentence for such a blatant crime, which usually involve prison sentences of two to seven years.

The Phoenix cop was arrested in January 2014.

It all unfolded when LaClere met his young victim on the website Whisper. The minor girl, who has not been named because of her age, posted a picture of a baby with typed text that said, “I want to get pregnant but I’m only a teen.”

That was just the post that LaClere needed to see as he was surfing the website with nefarious activity in mind. LaClere, who went by the screen name “Jason69er,” immediately responded to the teenagers post.

LaClere: “Want a baby in ya?”

Minor: “Ya”

LaClere: “You’d be a beautiful pregnant mommy, heck maybe I’d help ya. We should start making a baby since I want a young pregnant girlfriend. Is me being older okay?”

Minor: “Yah, but I know my parents wouldn’t like it though [and] I’d be worried my dad would call the cops and have you arrested for sleeping with a minor since I’m not of legal age to sleep with you.”

LaClere: Go home after school and if no one is there I will come in really quickly and have sex with you.”

The girl agreed, and sent LaClere her home address.

Within two days of talking online, LaClere sent the girl pictures of himself; one of which appeared to be him dressed in a police uniform.

The relationship escalated when LaClere came to the girls house where the two had unprotected consensual sex, all while the girl’s dad was out running errands. Upon having sex with the girl, LaClere made a quick exit.

The next day in school, the girl told her friends about the encounter; her friends then told school officials who spoke with the minor girl and alerted authorities.

Police caught up with LaClere and arrested him without incident. In a post arrest interview with authorities, he admitted to being “Jason69er” on the Whisper website. He also admitted to having sex with the girl while knowing that she was a 17-year-old minor.

Soon thereafter, he resigned from the Phoenix Police Department before they could fire him. In a plea deal, LaClere pleaded guilty in exchange for a 60-day incarceration sentence.

In addition to his lightning short 60-day jail sentence, LaClere will be on lifetime probation and must register as a sex offender.

LaClere’s ex-wife testified at court proceedings and asked for the maximum sentenced be induced upon him.


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