PINAC Readers Blast Judge on Facebook over 150-day Sentence for Pedophile Cop

Ben Keller

An Oregon judge who sentenced a pedophile cop to 150 days in jail is facing backlash from PINAC readers on Facebook.

Readers blasted Washington County Judge Charles Bailey's Facebook page yesterday after we published a story about an Oregon cop who repeatedly raped his friends' child.

The victim was raped by Oregon cop Daniel Kerbs between 2013-2014.

But she came forward years later when she turned 18.

Two months ago, Kerbs admitted to having sex with the child several times.

Judge Bailey, who was recently re-elected this month, sentenced Kerbs to 150 days in jail and five years of probation, contingent upon Kerbs entering rehab.

Several readers, apparently offended by the light sentence, commented on the judges personal Facebook page yesterday.

Some of the comments are pretty harsh. And most of the comments have since been deleted.

But that's OK, because we took the liberty of capturing a few screenshots before the recently elected official deleted the comments.

"You're a cop sucking scumbag who deserves prison for protecting the thing blue line instead of issuing justice to a family (sic) who's daughter was repeatedly raped by a cop," one comment by Victor Vinecenzo said.

Another reader criticized the judge's reasoning for the light sentence, stating Kerbs could have gotten rehab in prison.

"You gave a police officer only a hundred and fifty days jail time for repeatedly raping someone's child (sic) you're a piece of s***. They have rehab inside prisons (sic) you just let another criminal op off the hook for your little old boy Network (sic) I wouldn't vote for you for dog catcher," David Mobley wrote on the judge's Facebook page.

​"Put this POS on blast and ruin this dude's career!! Make and example of what happens when you fuck with our innocent children," Mark Gallego posted.

One reader, Johnson Thompson, wrote the judge was more of a "scumbag" than the rapist cop.

Apparently, Judge Bailey hasn't deleted all of his posts from his Facebook page where readers are trolling him for the sentence.

Under one post of the judge praising his daughter or graduating college in three years, readers ask the judge what kind of sentence he would give to someone who raped his daughter.

"So what if a cop raped Alexa, would you have given him 150 days?" Raymond Winters asked.

So far, the judge has yet to reply to any of the readers.

Check back for updates.

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Too bad "Summary Execution" is a legal punishment for "Badge Bully" cops like this one. Rail Car Fan


Cop discount on the crime? Our legal system normally bends over backwards to give cops unequal treatment before the law. It is reasonable for the commentators to assume this is another case of that. And cops claim they are on the job "24 hours a day." They should get worse sentences, not better, when they violate people.

Cops In Cuffs