Police Impersonator who Robbed Couple at Gunpoint had just Resigned from Force

Justin Thorne was being investigated for seeking bribes in exchange for making warrants disappear when he resigned.

Just over two weeks after resigning from the Atlanta Police Department to avoid being further investigated for crimes committed while wearing the badge, Justin Thorne was caught on camera committing more crimes while wearing the badge.

Thorne was in full uniform when he allegedly robbed two people at gunpoint inside a Comfort Inn hotel room on October 17. He made off with $800 in cash and a $700 iPhone. He was arrested Friday after a joint investigation between the Cobb County and Atlanta police departments.

Thorne, 22, was hired in October 2017. Earlier this year, internal affairs began investigating for offering to take money from a suspect in exchange for making the warrant "go away," according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He remains in jail with no bond on several felonies, including armed robbery, impersonating an officer, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

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I’ve printed a copy of this article to show any LEO that refuses to show me his picture ID, to justify my “fear of a potential police impersonator”. Not that picture IDs can’t be forged, but at least it’s another hoop for the LEO to jump through.


well of coarse this dim bulb is in jail, he was engaged in NON-mafia approved activity. had he followed the blue lies mafia rules of approved extortion, he could have had a long career of beating, raping, tasering, robing, extorting, and killing! but no he had to be different and not follow the rules!