Rhode Island Cop Arrested for Pointing Gun at Woman's Head During Dispute

Joshua Brown

A night that was suppose to be friendly ended in a cop getting arrested for felony assault.

A cop in Central Falls, RI got into a argument with a woman over laundry and then the situation escalated to the cop pointing a gun at the victim's head.

Central Falls Police Officer Eileen Crenshaw, 46, was arrested and charged with domestic felony assault last week.

Central Falls police say that Crenshaw invited a female friend to her home in Providence on June 25 to do a load of laundry. The main purpose of the invite was to make peace about a prior argument between the ladies ABC 6 News reports.

But the two women eventually got into another argument and that is what led to Crenshaw telling her friend to leave. The police report indicates that Crenshaw began to push the victim out of the house and refused to give her the laundry.

A woman that was a friend of the victim also arrived outside the home and the two began banging on Crenshaw's door.

The police report states that Crenshaw then opened the door and said, "Do you want to play?"

Crenshaw then reportedly pointed a pistol at the victim's head and pushed her to the ground. The victim and the other woman swiftly left the scene in an Uber, according to police.

The victim met police at a gas station to report the incident. Police observed multiple scratches and bruises on the victim's arms and legs.

After taking statements from the victim, police went to Crenshaw's home to arrest the officer. Central Falls police suspended Crenshaw without pay.

Crenshaw was released on bail. Crenshaw is a 10 year veteran with the department.

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LOL. What a bunch of drama queens these women are. Doesn't sound like making peace to me.


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Another Public Safety Threat Cop who needs to be locked up! Does this woman need to be a cop ever again? Flush this turd down the toilet!

Cops In Cuffs