Secret Service Agent Arrested for Sending Picture of Erect Penis

Joshua Brown

In a cascade of law enforcement misconduct,

a Secret Service Agent has been named in a sexual misconduct criminal complaint against a minor.

Secret Service Agent Lee Robert Moore has been arrested and charged with attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor, two counts of sexual solicitation of a child under 18 and one count of providing obscene material to a person under 18.

Agent Moore sent a picture of his erect penis along with other sexually explicit images and text messages to a girl he thought was 14 years old. But in all reality, the 14-year-old girl was Detective Kevin McKay, an undercover Delaware state police officer.

The 37-year-old Moore was routinely on the White House security detail; some of the correspondences he had with the undercover officer were while he was on duty.

The undercover officer posing as the 14-year-old girl was on the social media application “Meet24” and was contacted in August by Agent Moore who used the screen name “Rob.”

The two eventually agreed to communicate using the social media app “Kik,” which allows the exchange of images and videos.

A Florida officer charged with sex crimes against minors also used the “Kik” app, PINAC reported earlier this year.

In the affidavit, Detective McKay states, “Moore soon moved the chats sexual. He stated he wanted to travel to Delaware and meet in person for sex. Moore made it clear that he knew I was a 14 yr old girl.”

They had very explicit conversations about sex and sexual experiences. Unbeknownst to Agent Moore, he was incriminating himself the entire time.

However, the complaint shows that at one point Moore became suspicious and deleted his Kik account, telling the 14-year-old girl that he needed proof that she was really a teenager.

But somehow, the conversations continued as a second Delaware officer assumed the online teenage identity.

The case was reported to the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility on Nov. 6. Rightly so, Moore’s security clearance was suspended on the same day.

Additionally, his Secret Service issued equipment was confiscated and his access to Secret Service facilities was terminated.

After being placed on administrative leave by his superiors for his behavior, Agent Moore made the decision to turn himself in to Maryland State Police.

The federal complaint shows that Moore admitted he had taken and sent the explicit picture showing his erect penis. Additionally, he also admitted that he had communicated with other “Meet24” users he thought to be minor girls.

Moore also admitted to having a sexual interest in 14-year-old girls.

“The Secret Service takes allegations of potential criminal activity extremely seriously,” the Secret Service said in a statement.

Agent Moore has an initial court appearance at the Kent County Court of Common Pleas in Delaware on Friday.

Myriad of Sexual Misconduct

A myriad of law enforcement officials have been recently arrested for sex crimes against minors and adults.

In a year long investigation, the Associated Press discovered that 1,000 officers’ have lost their jobs due to sexual misconduct over the last few years, but that is not close to the actual numbers relating to firings by police for sexual misconduct.

So many cases fly under the radar because in states like New York and California, there is no established system on reporting such cases. Moreover, some cases don’t even make it to the exposure stage because the victims are too scared to speak up.

Earlier this week, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent Charles Woodall was charged with nine counts of child molestation, six counts of enticing a child for indecent purposes, one count of electronically furnishing obscene material to minors and one count of violation of oath of office.

In fact, just last week the criminal trial started for a Oklahoma officer that raped 13 women while on duty.

In Florida, Officer Kyle Kirby was recently charged with possessing child pornography. The FBI searched his patrol vehicle and discovered 87 pictures of child pornography on his computer.

Another case in Florida involved a Detective that ran the Police Explorers program for kids. PINAC reported on how Detective Joe Mendez sexually abused minors in the program and offered them alcohol in efforts to subdue them.

Even more disparaging are the on record comments made by the police chief of Georgia’s Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Bryan Golden:

“I might sound insensitive, but I’m not. Most of these sexual assaults are women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex. That ain’t rape, that’s being stupid. When the dust settles, it was all consensual. It doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t show up here. They’re about as much a rape as a goat roping.”

Golden was suspended without pay for that statement nonetheless and ordered to attend “sexual assault sensitivity training.” Police never said how many days he was suspended for but he was back on the job within days.


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