South Carolina Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence with Girlfriend

Stephen Sutton

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A cop got into a domestic violence quarrel with his girlfriend, now he has been arrested

A Marion, South Carolina police officer has been arrested for domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend and placed on suspension without pay. The officer's girlfriend was also arrested, because authorities could not figure out who the aggressor was.

Marion Police Department Officer Stephen Sutton was arrested by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department on May 2 for domestic violence in the second degree against his girlfriend Jacqueline Wright, 40. Sutton is currently on suspension without pay pending an investigation, ABC 4 News reports.

Wright said she confronted Sutton over a situation and he became enraged. Wright says Sutton then pushed her into the door, causing it to break, and then choked her.

Sutton said Wright wouldn't allow him to leave the home. Sutton claims he broke down the door to get away from Wright.

Sutton jumped in his Marion city patrol car and used his radio to call 911 because Wright had his cell phone.

In court the judge ordered the couple to not have any contact with each other as a condition of their bond.

Marion Police Chief Tony Flowers released the following statement on Sutton’s Arrest:

The Marion Police Department and the City of Marion are aware of the charges and Sutton is currently on suspension without pay pending investigation. Being that this is a personnel matter we will have no further comment on the matter at this time.

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Cops are 1800% more likely to be wife beaters.

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