South Carolina Prison Guard Gets Pregnant by Inmate

Keith Palmer

What goes on in prison doesn't stay in prison. A prison guard got pregnant by a inmate after some sex behind bars

Greshica Jene Brown, 29, is accused of having sex with an inmate at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina between August and December of 2018; Brown is a guard at the prison.

Brown even got pregnant with the inmate's baby, according to an arrest warrant.

Brown was arrested on multiple charges on May 21 after it was discovered she became pregnant after having sex with an inmate, state officials said.

While working at Kirkland Correctional Institution, Brown had sex with an inmate inside the prison, ABC News 4 reports.

Brown became pregnant after engaging in a sexual relationship with the inmate over several months in 2018, according to arrest warrants.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections Police Services discovered Brown’s pregnancy based on information recovered from her cellphone and Facebook account, according to arrest warrants.

Brown was charged with first-degree sexual misconduct with an inmate and misconduct in office.

Brown is currently in custody at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, jail records show.

Information on Brown’s job status was not provided.


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