South Carolina State Trooper Goes on Drunken Rampage and Then gets Fired

Malik McCown

Keith Palmer

This highway patrol trooper was drunk and then got zapped with a stun gun by sheriff's deputies.

A South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper lost his job on Wednesday just hours after he was accused of going on a drunken rampage while he was off duty.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said Highway Patrol Trooper Malik McCown, 22, was highly intoxicated when he got into a fight with deputies around 1 a.m. on July 3.

McCown had to be subdued with a taser.

On the day in question deputies responded to reports of a suspicious person who tried to use a key to enter a home before he laid down on the front porch in a James Island, South Carolina neighborhood. The suspicious person was identified as McCown, ABC News 4 reports.

McCown was sleeping on the front porch when deputies arrived.

When they finally woke McCown, he was uncooperative and physically aggressive towards deputies, leading to deputies shooting him with a stun gun.

McCown was arrested and taken to Al Cannon Detention Center where he was charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery and resisting arrest.

South Carolina Highway Patrol says McCown was fired for improper conduct/conduct unbecoming a state employee. McCown had been with the highway patrol since Aug. 22, 2018.

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Tyrant was identified early and terminated!


ha ha!!!!! didn't take him long to get fired...

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