St. Louis Cop Charged with Murder, Video Shows Him Planting a Gun

Ben Keller

St. Louis Cop Charged with Murder After Video Footage Shows Him Planting Gun on Unarmed Driver

“I’m going to kill this motherfucker; Don’t you know it!” an excited Jason Stockley said as dash cam footage recorded he and his partner engaged in a pursuit of an unarmed black man.

A St. Louis cop is out on a million dollar bail, paid for by the police union, after prosecutors finally decided to charge him with the 2011 murder of an unarmed black man, whom he shot with his personal AK-47, then planted a gun in his car to make it appear as if he was unarmed.

All so he could utter the magic phrase every cop says is trained to say after they kill someone, “I feared for my life.”

Jason Stockley used his personal AK-47 to murder 27-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith, which according to department policy, he wasn’t supposed to have.

 "Jason Stockley though he'd gotten away with murder until Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce received \"new evidence.\" However, she did not disclose the nature of the evidence. DNA from Smith was not found on the gun, but Stockley's was. "

Jason Stockley Thought He’d Gotten Away With Murder Until Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce Received “New Evidence.” However, She Did Not Disclose The Nature Of The Evidence. DNA From Smith Was Not Found On The Gun, But Stockley’s Was.

Stockley was indicted in August for murder.

On Tuesday, several pieces of video footage were put together and dropped off to Fox2 in St. Louis, which, together, show the entire incident.

The video below contains footage from Stockley’s dash cam, surveillance footage, and from bystanders’ cell phones, which gave a clearer picture of the whole event than before.

It also gives a clearer picture of how naturally it comes to police to cover up murder.

It begins with St. Louis cops Jason Stockley and Brian Bianchi who suspect a hand-to-hand drug transaction at Golden Chicken.

Stockley gets out of the passenger side with his personal AK-47.

He shoots at Smith’s car after Smith drove away over a sidewalk after, according to his own report, Bianchi “inadvertently blocked him” while attempting to conduct a person-to-person interview with the suspects.

 "Anthony Lamar Smith holding is daughter."

Anthony Lamar Smith Holding Is Daughter.

Stockley gets in the patrol car and yells, “get him!”

As they’re pursuing Smith with the sirens on Stockley yells “shots fired.” Smith didn’t even have a gun.

Bianchi misses his turn and bumps a tree.

“Back up!” Stockley yells.

As the pursuit unfolds, Stockley says, “I’m going to kill this mother fucker; Don’t you know it!”

Smith suddenly pulls over, apparently submitting to the cops.

“Hit him right now!” Stockley screams.

Stockley then calmly approaches the car, stands next to Bianchi (to his right) and blasts five rounds, all of them hitting Smith.

Footage from a bystander shows officer Stockley throwing his AK-47 rifle in the back of his patrol car. But then goes to his patrol car and retrieves a pistol, calmly walks over to Smith’s car, where fellow cops have already pulled him out and on to the ground, sits down in his driver’s seat, and plants the pistol.

 "Jason Stockley planted a gun thinking he'd never be charged with murder if he just did what every other cop who murders someone does. He was wrong."

Jason Stockley Planted A Gun Thinking He’d Never Be Charged With Murder If He Just Did What Every Other Cop Who Murders Someone Does. He Was Wrong.

Many cops carry pistols in their patrol cars for this very reason, but few of them are brave enough to bring their own murder weapon to patrol with.

A lab analysis found none of Smith’s DNA on the pistol, but it did find DNA from officer Stockley.

A federal judge issued a protective order ordering lawyers not to release the video to the public. Even though lawyer’s for the Smith family had already obtained the video before police commissioners paid a $900,000 to his surviving daughter.

It was only obtained after an anonymous person dropped it off at the Fox2 news station on a thumb drive.

Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce did not want the footage released to the public, but she’s the one who eventually brought the murder charge before the grand jury that indicted him.

Smith wrote in his report about the incident that he saw a silver gun being pointed at him, which made him fear for his personal safety as well as for the safety of officers and passersby.

But the video doesn’t indicate that’s what’s taking place.

Stockley was hanging out in Texas, after he resigning from the St. Louis Police Department in 2013, when the law came crashing down and arrested him for his sinful deed.

And it was all caught on camera.

Several of them.


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