Tennessee Cop Raped Women on Duty, Dash Cam Footage Reveals

Joshua Brown

A Tennessee police officer was fired and arrested for raping two women.

While he was on duty after investigators viewed dash cam footage of the incidents.

Christopher Odom, 26, was a Spring Hill police officer when he was accused of pulling over two women over the summer and sexually assaulting them.

The embattled officer also worked as a substitute teacher at Lewis County High School, which came as a shock to students and teachers, according to WSMV.

On Monday a Maury County Grand Jury indicted Odom on rape, sexual battery and official misconduct charges.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began investigating Odom on August 1st, the bureau was made aware of his actions on July 30th.

Odom worked the night shift, when investigators said he sexually assaulted the women.

The bureau watched hundreds of Odom’s dash cam traffic stops and saw the evidence they needed to seek a criminal indictment on Odom. Additionally, upon watching the dash-cam, prosecutors say there may be a third unidentified female victim.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has not released any dash cam of the rapes at this time.

Odom, who served in the U.S. Marines, is married with one child. His wife is also pregnant with a second child.

Odom’s bond was set at $75,000. He has since bailed out.

The Spring Hill Police Department released the following statement:

“The actions of Officer Odom are not indicative of a Spring Hill Police Officer and is in direct violation of departmental policies. The department takes great pride in serving our community and preserving the trust of our citizens.”

Even Lt. Justin Whitwell urged more victims to come forward:

“If there are [more victims] we want to know, we want to get them justice. We want them to come in, be able to look us in the eye, speak with us about what’s going on in their lives.”

Odom’s arraignment is scheduled for October 10th. He was hired by the police department in 2013.


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