Tennessee Deputy Arrested for Flying into a Rage and Attempting to Rape Woman

Nathan Dimoff

A Tennessee deputy got so enraged after seeing text messages that he got violent and attempted to sexually abuse her.

​Bradley County Corrections Officer Cody Carrington was already having marital problems when he discovered a text from another man on his estranged wife's phone, which caused him to go into a rage.

The 27-year-old deputy left the home but then returned and started yelling at his wife, calling her a "whore," according to the Cleveland Banner.

He then removed all the phones in the house, including the land line, which he broke and threw outside to keep her from calling 911.

And then he attacked her, grabbing by her neck, shoving her against a wall while choking her before pulling her down on the floor where he tried to rape her.

According to the Cleveland Banner:

> According to the report, Carrington then grabbed the victim and held her by the throat, pushing her against a wall and choking her, then shoving her to the floor. He then allegedly attempted to digitally penetrate her vagina “while calling her a whore and saying that this is what whores like.” The victim said Carrington also pulled up her shirt “and started grabbing her breasts in an aggressive manner.” After the assault, Carrington left the residence.

> Deputies who responded to the scene took photos showing red marks around the victim’s throat and chest area.

> After his arrest, Carrington was held in isolation at the Bradley County Jail, and has been suspended without pay until the matter is resolved. Carrington was reportedly hired by the BCSO in January 2017.

Carrington was charged with aggravated domestic assault, sexual battery and interference with emergency calls. He has been released on a $10,000 bond.

Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson made the following comment about Carrington's arrest:

> “In the case of any potential wrongdoing the law does not show favoritism. Our deputies are held to the same level of accountability and standards as the general public. That is why I have directed that Deputy Carrington be placed on unpaid suspension pending the resolution of this matter.”

His next court date is set for October 16, 2018.


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