Tennessee Jail Guard Arrested for Sex with Inmate and Cell Phone Smuggling

Joshua Brown

This female jail guard had sex with an inmate and brought cell phones into the jail.

On Wednesday a Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office employee in Tennessee was arrested for one count of Official Misconduct, one count of Sexual Contact with Inmates, and two counts of Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Facility.

Chrystal Krasinski, 41, was a jailer at the Humphreys County Jail. Krasinski smuggled cell phones into the jail to give inmates, Krasinski also had sexual relations with an inmate.

According to News 5, the investigation into Krasinski's conduct began in June 2018 at the request of 23rd District Attorney General Ray Crouch. During the course of the investigation Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents developed information that in March and April of this year, Krasinski brought several cellular phones into the jail for inmates and, on at least one occasion, had inappropriate sexual contact with an inmate while on duty.

Humphreys County terminated Krasinski’s employment when the allegations surfaced.

The investigation concluded on Monday August 6, the Humphreys County Grand Jury then returned indictments on Krasinski.

Authorities arrested Krasinski on Wednesday and booked her into the Humphreys County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

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