Tennessee Jail Guard Incarcerated in Same Jail for Abusing Handcuffed Inmate

Carlos Miller

The victim has filed a $5 million lawsuit.

As a jail guard, Kelton Townsend ran the Cocke County jail in Tennessee with a steel hand, taking no lip from inmates.

But now he is an inmate in the same jail after a video surfaced showing him grab a handcuffed man by the throat and throwing him to the floor, leaving him with eight broken ribs and a punctured lung.

The man, Jerry Miller, 60, had called him a "fat ass" after arriving in the jail in handcuffs stemming from a domestic disturbance in which he was accused of ripping a phone out of a wall during an argument with a woman.

Miller also told Townsend not to grab his wallet as he was being searched, which made Townsend snap as you can see after the 1:15 minute mark in the above video.

"You don't get my wallet," Miller says as he was being frisked.

"Yeah, I get your wallet," Townsend responds.

"No, you don't," Miller responds.

Townsend then grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the ground.

"You don't try to stop me from doing shit!" Townsend yells.

The incident was captured on the body cam of Newport police officer Joshyua Shults, who had arrested Miller and transported him to the jail on a charge of interfering with emergency calls.

Just over 30 seconds after the body slam as Miller lay on the floor moaning in pain, Shults turns off his body camera.

But the video that does exist shows Miller was not doing anything to physically stop Townsend from doing his job. It was probably the fat ass comment that triggered Townsend.

The incident took place on February 21 but Townsend was not arrested until last week after a grand jury indicted him on charges of aggravated assault and official oppression. He is no longer employed at the jail but it is not clear at this time if he was fired or if he quit.

Miller has filed a $5 million lawsuit.

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And you can bet this fool is a trustee with a private cell and two extra Matt's his own personal tv and extra meals every day, free to walk around as he pleases.

Yankee Cracker
Yankee Cracker

I hope soon, some convict will be wearing this traitors scalp/face on their belt. Try to let the traitor live though. A nice long happy life ought to do the trick.


Say whatever you may in defense of cops, but keep in mind, they know that they are being videoed, yet do their shit anyway. Absolute proof of stupidity. Or, maybe they know that nobody will fuck with them because they are a cop? Need assistance? Call a Hippie. At least you will not be murdered.


more window dressing for the sheeple! move along nothing to see here!

time for that transparency thing to kick in.............doughnut (cop) shops everywhere have promised us that thy would be more transparent in the future!


Why is Shults not fired for turning off his body cam? Would his defense be "I see nothing, I know nothing!"

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