Texas cop arrested for "improper photography"

Carlos Miller

Texas cop arrested for "improper photography"

Six years ago, Brandon Gilroy was celebrated for earning an Eagle Scout rank as a Boy Scout, which no doubt helped him secure a job as a university police officer after he graduated high school.

Today, at the tender age of 23, he is facing criminal charges after allegedly photographing women undressing inside a department store dressing room.

Gilroy has since resigned as police officer from St. Edward’s University in Austin.

So much for the 21 merit badges he earned as a scout.

Police say Gilroy was arrested Tuesday after he was caught placing his cellphone camera on his foot and sliding it underneath a dressing room stall at an Austin Macy’s.

These women had a clear expectation of privacy, which is why photographing them was illegal.

Police say he was not uploading the videos to Youtube, which apparently is a common occurrence among other Peeping Tom videographers.

“What he confessed to or admitted to and it’s in the probable cause affidavit it placing the cell phone camera on the top of his foot and then sliding his foot underneath the divider between the two stalls and recording whatever it would pick up,” said Julie O’Brien, the Commander of APD’s Violent Crimes Unit.

“I’m not going to comment exactly at this point as to what we found on his home computer, but I will say that we have not recovered any evidence at this point that he was taking any of these images and uploading them to the Internet or to any voyeuristic type site,” said O’Brien.

But that doesn’t mean he did not have a whole slew of voyeuristic videos on his computer for his own enjoyment.


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