Texas Cop Arrested for Stealing 30 Pills from Nurse's Office at a Middle School

Chad Corbitt

Keith Palmer

This cop used his school resource key to steal pills from a junior high school nurse's office

Lockhart Police Department Officer Chad Corbitt was a school resource officer with a junior high school, Corbitt was arrested for allegedly stealing pills from the nurse's office.

On Oct. 7, a school nurse at Lockhart Junior High School in Texas made a report to police. She said that she took an inventory count of the students' medication on Oct. 4, and noticed that a total of 30 pills were missing. Police said that surveillance video showed Corbitt walking into the clinic on Saturday, Oct. 5, in civilian clothes after getting in with his school resource key, KXAN News reports.

Corbitt was confronted by superiors from his own police department about the matter. Corbitt then resigned from the Lockhart Police Department on Oct. 9.

Lockhart Chief of Police Ernest Pedraza says:

“As soon as we determined he was involved, he was placed on restricted duty.”

Corbitt was arrested on Oct. 11 and charged with theft of a controlled substance, a third-degree felony.

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