Texas Deputy Arrested for Raping Girlfriend while Choking her

Joshua Brown

A Texas deputy could not take no for an answer, and instead took matters into his own hands.

A sheriff's deputy in Richmond, Texas has resigned following allegations that he raped his girlfriend after learning she wanted to breakup.

Fort Bend County Sheriff's Deputy Jeffrey Bell, 44, was arrested in June 2018 after a months long investigation into the rape of his ex-girlfriend. In January 2018 Bell and his then girlfriend had an argument. Bell's girlfriend decided to end the relationship, but that is when he pushed her on a bed and raped her. Court records show that the victim "nearly passed out from pain and lack of air," when Bell put his forearm on her neck.

KHOU reports that after the sexual assault, the victim audio recorded a conversation where Bell apologized for the rape and pleaded with the victim not to call police. But the victim went to police anyway, and after an investigation Bell was finally arrested in June.

However, Bell resigned back in February 2018 when the episode first took place.

Bell was a deputy for more than 12 years and in August 2016, he was promoted to patrol sergeant.

Bell's attorney maintains his client's innocence.

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It kind of depends on exactly what words are used by the defendant in the recorded conversation -- the article is just paraphrasing it, not telling us exactly what was said. The defense will try to shoehorn whatever words are being used to fit their argument. Unless, he really does say, "I'm sorry I raped you, please don't tell anybody about it." But I think maybe he was more vague about the event in the conversation.

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Rail Car Fan

Sorry... misspelled "evidence". My fingers worked faster than my brain... which is the usual thing for me. P.S. Wish I knew how to edit posts, but haven't found how to do it yet. Rail Car Fan

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Bell's attorney maintains his client's innocence... but then a audio recording has Bell "apologizing for the rape and pleaded with the victim not to call police". Is there something I'm seeing here that his attorney doesn't... other than taking Bell's easy money case knowing that he (the lawyer) can't win the case considering the evidance. Rail Car Fan

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