Three South Florida Deputies Charged in Brutal Beating of Teen caught on Video

Three Broward sheriff's deputies were charged for beating a teen, then falsifying records about it.

Three Broward County sheriff's deputies were criminally charged Wednesday in connection to the brutal attack on a 15-year-old boy in April. The beating was recorded by another student who made it go viral.

As usual in these cases, the police report told one narrative while the video showed another.

But what is unusual is how these three deputies were charged with falsifying reports, claiming they had felt "threatened" by a group of teens who had gathered in a McDonald's parking lot to watch a fight.

The video shows the victim, DeLucca Rolle, was not doing anything to make the deputies fear for their lives (other than being black).

Instead, it shows Sergeant Gregory LaCerra shooting pepper spray into Rolle's face and throwing the teen to the ground.

Broward deputy Christopher Krickovich then pounced on the boy, grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming his face into the pavement and punching him in the head. A third deputy, Ralph Mackey, 49, then jumped in to help with the arrest but was not as aggressive.

Mackey, however, lied on his police report and was charged with falsifying records and conspiracy to falsify records, according to Local 10.

LaCerra, 51, was charged with two counts of battery, one count of falsifying records and one count of conspiracy to falsify records. Krickovich, 29, was charged with two counts of battery, two counts of falsifying records and one count of conspiracy to falsify records. All charges are misdemeanors.

The three deputies were suspended without pay.

Charges of obstruction against the teen were dismissed after a national outcry against the arrest from elected officials and celebrities like NBA star LeBron James.

Rolle's family hired attorney Benjamin Crump whose office released the following statement:

“Wearing a badge is not a license to hurt children and then lie about it — with these charges, the world can now see clearly that is what happened,” said Crump and attorney Sue-Ann Robinson, who are working together to represent Rolle. “The fact that the officers were charged with falsifying records and conspiracy to falsify records is rare, and it may represent a new trend in accountability for law enforcement officials.”

However, Blue Privilege spared the cops of having to spend any time in jail. The three will receive summons instead where they will be scheduled to attend a court hearing rather than having to be booked into jail and have their mugshots taken.

The police union accused the Broward State Attorney's Office of playing politics by not allowing the deputies to get away with their usual thuggish behavior.

"The state attorney's office folded to pressure from the NAACP in making these arrests," Jeff Bell of the Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies Association said

Bell also complained that the deputies were placed on unpaid suspension.

"We do not agree with those charges being levied against the deputies, but what concerns us even more is that the sheriff’s office has put the three deputies on a non-paid status," he said.

"Don’t financially put a hardship on their family as your trying to put criminal charges on them as well for doing their job.”

The irony, of course, is how cops place financial hardships on families on a daily basis by unlawful and unconstitutional arrests.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

Cyber tug you wait until it’s your child and then say that and you sounds as if you’re a culturalized fool more than these cops are.😎

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

It’s just simply been happening all the time,but technology has caught up to them by them being filmed and the thing about it is that they are still outlying dogs even though cameras are everywhere and some have the audacity to say I don’t care about you filming because they have their mindset on no matter what they’re still going to get off camera or no camera.😎


I would like to know why did they charge those grown as man like they attacked another man?! That was a 16 year old kid, but they want to throw you under the jail for disciplining your own. When did law enforcement get the right to abuse and kill our children?


Bet he won't jump at a police officer again though. Good life lesson


So it's ok NOT to serve any jail time for attacking an INNOCENT teenager...even though these Moran cops get a slap on the wrist .Sorry if I'm not so passionate towards cops that abuse there badge and and judge feels they don't need jail time or a mug shot...but of course it's okay to beat our children that did nothing and thrown in jail...What the huge problem is these cops that abuse law go back on the want to protect us but who is going to protect us fromthem...If tour not going to throw these cops for abusing and lying then fucking take them off the streets permanently!! My God they where teenagers that didn't deserve this but your allowing them only suspension without pay and think that will solve it and protect your officers from mug shots and jail time..OK TO LIE ON TOP OF THAT?!!..AGAIN WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO PROTECT US FROM CRIMINAL COPS? NO ONE BECAUSE YOUR TO DAMN WORRIED ABOUT PROTECTING THEN AND THERE FAMILIES...WHO WILL CARE FOR THE VICTIMS AND THERE FAMILY? NO ONE BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR OF THE COUNTY DON'T GIVE TO SHITS AND CONCERN MORE ABOUT THEN CRYING THEY ARE THE VICTIMS..YOUR LAWS ARE SCREWED UP!😡😡😡😡