Two LA Cops Arrested on Murder Charges for Death of Six-Year-Old Boy

Carlos Miller

Two Louisiana Cops Arrested on Murder Charges for Death of Six-Year-Old Boy

Two Louisiana cops were arrested Friday on murder charges for the shooting death of six-year-old Jeremy Mardis, the youngest police shooting victim of the year so far.

Marksville city marshals Lt. Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. killed the boy while trying to shoot his father after a police pursuit Tuesday night. They already have several pending lawsuits against them.

Stafford, 32, was also indicted for aggravated rape in 2011 when he was working for another police department. That case was resolved, according to KATC, which says it is waiting for records to see exactly how it was resolved.

He is also listed in several lawsuits, a few with Greenhouse, Jr., 23.

They will also be charged with attempted murder on the boy’s father, Chris Few.

At least one of them was wearing a body cam, but the video has not been released.

But considering they have already filed murder charges within three days of the shooting, we can imagine what it shows.

Louisiana state police made the announcement late Friday night, saying the initial reports of the boy’s father backing up into a patrol car seem doubtful.

They also said that they have not been able to find a warrant on Few, which was the initial reason they gave to try and pull him over when he supposedly did not stop, driving into a dead-end street where he and his son were sitting ducks.

There was also no gun inside the car. But Mardis ended up with five bullets in his head and chest.

According to CBS News:

“The initial statement to my investigators was that the vehicle was backing up, they feared for their lives and they started firing,” said Col. Michael Edmonson, head of the Louisiana State Police, which is leading the investigation.
“There were a lot of shots fired that night and they were coming in one direction. There’s nothing for us that indicates that any fire came from that SUV,” Edmonson said. “There was no weapon found in that SUV.”
All four officers were placed on administrative leave. State investigators said they want more information from the officers.
“I think the longer it takes for these officers to come forward and give us information, it’s more concerning,” Edmonson told CBS News Friday morning. “Come forward and tell us what happened.”
One of the officers was wearing a body camera which recorded the chase, the shooting and its aftermath.

These cops appear on their way to become the poster child of everything what is wrong with the legal system today.

Here we have a 32 year-old cop who anybody can see is a ticking time bomb. A man with a history of rape and brutality allegations.

A man who bounced around several law enforcement agencies before somehow getting promoted to lieutenant before he was charged with second-degree murder on the boy.

Not only can they come up with any warrants against Few, his fiancee told the Guardian that the only reason he fled was because he had a “prior personal conflict” with one of the officers and was afraid.

And we can now see why he was afraid.


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