Two Maryland Cops Arrested in Miami in Two Separate Incidents

Carlos Miller

One cop took an "aggressive fighting stance" against Miami Beach cops.

Blue Courtesy apparently doesn't work in Miami for out-of-town cops after two Maryland cops from the same department were arrested in two unrelated incidents over the last two days.

Prince George's County police officer Steven Pascal was arrested Sunday on a warrant for assaulting his girlfriend after he landed in Miami International Airport on a return trip from Mexico.

And Prince George's County police officer Charles Williams was arrested Monday after he took an "aggressive fighting stance" after trying to involve himself in a Miami Beach police investigation.

Miami Beach police responded by "hitting him in the upper chest and sweeping his feet out from under him," according to the Miami Herald.

Williams walked up to police at about 2:30 a.m. as they were arresting a man and a woman after a fight broke out on the 900 block of Ocean Drive. Williams pulled out his badge, indicating he was also a police officer, but Miami Beach police insisted he leave the scene of the arrest.

Williams stayed, trying to reach the woman who was being arrested, and then took an “aggressive fighting stance” with a balled up fist, Miami Beach police said. A Miami Beach police officer responded, taking down Williams, hitting him in the upper chest and sweeping his feet out from under him.

Williams was arrested on charges of resisting an officer without violence and was later released on bond Monday.

The irony is very thick here considering Miami Beach cops used the textbook cop narrative of the "aggressive fighting stance" to justify violence against him.

Not saying that they are lying, but the phrase is used by cops every single day to justify beating people as you can read in these stories that came up through a simple Google News search.

Chances are, Williams has used it himself on numerous occasions.

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