Two NC Prison Guards Arrested in One Week for Smuggling Drugs to Inmates

Keith Palmer

The two investigations were unrelated.

Lauren Del Zimmerman, 31, is an officer at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh. Zimmerman is the second prison guard in North Carolina this week to be arrested for alleged drug distribution to inmates.

Zimmerman was allegedly among nine people charged with being part of a statewide drug distribution network that focused on getting narcotics into state prisons, ABC 11 News reports.

The drug ring distributed Suboxone and Adderall among prison inmates and was run by Samuel Lee Perkins of Burlington, NC authorities said.

Suboxone is an opioid that is used to treat heroin addiction, Suboxone can also lead to dependency. Adderall is an amphetamine often prescribed for treatment of attention-deficit disorder. Based on information investigators uncovered, Suboxone strips would sell for $200 to $300 in prison.

Zimmerman was charged with felony conspiracy to sell and deliver Schedule III controlled substances. Zimmerman has worked as a corrections officer at the women's prison in Raleigh since Nov. 16, 2017.

In the previous arrest of a North Carolina prison guard, Erice Blyther was arrested October 29 after an FBI investigation determined he was smuggling the opioid buprenorphine into the prison.

Lanesboro Correctional Institution, which is a state prison

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Yankee Cracker
Yankee Cracker

Ive "known" 2 FM county jail guards, neither looked anything like this one.


nothing new here! of coarse the piggys will blow this up , make it seem like thy got all the criminal cops, and that something like this won't happen again, then present this to the sheeple and say see we are doing our job. and then pat them selves on the back for a job well done. in reality things will dry up for a month or two, then back to normal.

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