TX Cop with PTSD from Iraq War Charged with Murder of 15-Year-Old PX

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Texas Cop with PTSD from Iraq War Charged with Murder of 15-Year-Old Passenger Shot in Head with AR-15

A Texas cop might have foreseen the murder charges filed against him late Friday afternoon for killing a 15-year-old unarmed black teenager by shooting him in the head with an AR-15 as he sat in the passenger seat with his brother who police now admit was driving away from police rather than aggressively backing towards the cop who shot him.

Investigators who inspected details of the shooting – mainly body camera footage – determined one of their own “intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death of an individual,” according to the arrest warrant on murder charges issued Friday for 37-year-old Balch Springs cop Roy Durwood Oliver II.

By all accounts, the victim, Jordan Edwards, was a great kid. Honor roll student. Athlete. Not into drugs or alcohol.

On the other hand, the Dallas District Attorneys’ Office knew about officer Oliver’s violent behavior due to his bizarre tendencies within their own court room, and even filed a complaint documenting their knowledge that officer Oliver was potentially a ticking time bomb.

But that only resulted in a minor suspension which amounted to peanuts in comparison with the consequences of letting officer Oliver slip through the proverbial cracks.

Oliver’s mother and father took his side, unconditionally supporting him even in light of murder charges in interviews with news media.

Linda and Roy Durwood Oliver praised their son’s good character to the media, providing him with stellar character references.

Police Say One Of Their Own Intentionally Murdered 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards.

However, PINAC’s investigator Felipe Hemming discovered, Oliver’s 70-year-old father, Roy Durwood Oliver, has been on the Texas sex offender registry since 2000, indicating he’s likely not the best person to vouch for someone’s character.

Roy Durwood Oliver

Kevon Edwards, Joran’s older brother by only a year, was driving Jordan who was in the passenger seat, and didn’t even realize he had been shot for at least a block before turning and noticed smoke coming from the gunshot wound in his head.

For three days after the officer Oliver murdered Jordan Edwards, Balch Springs police attempted to cover up for the teen’s death and continued to lie about events that led up to it..

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber initially said it was necessary to shoot Jordan because Kevon, 16, was backing his car in which Jordan was riding aggressively towards officer Oliver.

But that was a lie.

Video footage from Oliver’s body cam revealed the car full of five teens was actually driving away from Oliver, who spent two tours in Iraq, before fatally shot Edwards in the side of the head though the passenger side window.

And that’s probably why Roy’s Oliver’s family, perhaps after being advised by his police union lawyer, recently took to news media today vouching for their son’s character, assuring the public through reporters their son would never do such a thing and never pose a threat to a kid like Jordan Edwards because he has two toddlers of his own now.

Initial reports stated Edwards was shot in the back of the head through the rear windshield.

Those reports were not true.

Because it all came down to the tale of the tape, which the department is still refusing to release to the public.

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber made excuses for Oliver’s cheap shot on Edwards, who was reportedly an honor roll student who played sports and was well-liked by his peers and teachers.

Balch Springs Texas Police Chief Jonathan Haber

It only took three days for Chief Haber to change his story from the initial cover up narrative.

Chief Haber said he finally got around to actually watching the video from Oliver’s body camera and finally came clean with the truth, admitting the car full of five teens Oliver shot is rifle into was actually driving away from him when he shot at least one bullet into the vehicle.

Investigators suspect the driver, Jordan Edward’s brother, didn’t stop simply because he could not hear officer Oliver’s commands.

Not too long after we published a story this afternoon about Oliver’s family blaming Oliver’s two tours in Iraq and his PTSD for why he murdered an innocent kid in cold blood, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson filed murder charges against Oliver.

In that story we mention district attorneys in Dallas knew something wasn’t right about Roy Oliver based on his tendency to behave aggressively and act bizarrely while under oath in court.

In a 2013 DWI case, Oliver began swearing and complaining about having to show up to court to testify as a witness and began giving answers during trial using obscene language throughout his recount of events during his testimony

A complaint was filed by one Dallas County District Attorney over his obscenity-filled testimony in court.

“You were a scary person to have in our workroom,” former Balch Springs Police Chief Ed Morris wrote in his decision to uphold officer Oliver’s suspension after Oliver attempted to appeal it.

Update: Roy Oliver turned himself in to jail last night but posted bond and was released this morning.

He faces life in prison if convicted.


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