VIDEO: Florida Security Guard Smashes Phone, Opens Fire on Two Men


VIDEO: Florida Security Guard Smashes Phone, Opens Fire on Two Men for Peeing in Parking Garage.

A Florida security guard opened fire after smashing a man’s cellphone, when he recorded a disagreement over his friend peeing in a City of Tampa parking garage.

After separating the witness from his camera, Everoy Farqharson opened fire on the both men.

Luckily, neither was injured.

The security guard fired his handgun four times, missing both men.

Now, the Florida security guard is facing serious charges for the battery, the assault and his failed attempt to cover up the incident too.

Arrest reports indicate that Farqharson then attempted to remove his shell casings from the scene of the incident and was charged with tampering with a crime scene, in addition to two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and battery and burglary of a conveyance for unlawfully entering the victims vehicle.

Iron Eagle Security Officer Everoy Farqharson was patrolling the City of Tampa’s Centro Ybor Parking Garage which sits near the heart of Tampa’s nightclub district.

He positioned his security cart to box in the two men’s car after spotting one of them urinating.

“Call the fucking Cops!” a male victim recording the encounter yells to Farqharson.

One of the male victims, who has yet to be identified, argued with the stoic Farqharson, repeatedly asking the security guard to remove his cart from their path so they may leave, or to call a law enforcement officer.

It is unclear what Farqharson was thinking at the time, and he stood motionless for over a minute behind his cart.

Both men repeatedly asked Farqharson to call the cops after that too.

The man recording then told the Florida security guard that he was video recording, finally eliciting a response from the uniformed officer who kept his hand near his firearm throughout the encounter:

“I don’t give a fuck.”

The other man then walked towards the cart, and attempted to get in the drivers seat as the two bantered.

The cameraman facitiously said, “Yes, he gave you permission.”

But it’s clear that the security guard wasn’t taking any action or speaking with the two men until they began taking steps to free their car.

That’s when Farqharson moved towards the man in the driver’s seat, grabbing him and shoving him away from the security cart.

The man yelled,”Don’t touch me, don’t you fucking touch me!” at Farqharson as he was being shoved away from the cart.

“Hey he has a gun, dude,” said the photographer.

Farqharson chased the man around the cart and swinging wildly at him, but not making damaging contact.

The security guard then turned his attentions to the photographer recording the encounter, squared his shoulders and charged straight towards them, striking the phone out of his hand but leaving it recording the audio from the scene.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Farqharson then drew his weapon and fired four rounds at the two men as they fled for their lives.

Their screams can be heard echoing in the parking garage.

Farqharson then retrieved the cellphone and spent shell casings.

A woman who was with the men attempted to drive their vehicle out of the parking garage, but Farqharson reached into the vehicle and removed the keys from the ignition.

Everoy Farqharson was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail and bail has been set for the Florida security guard in all counts.

We reached out to Iron Eagle Security for comment and to see if they were still employing the accused guard, but have not heard back yet.


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