VIDEO: Three North Carolina Troopers Indicted After Brutalizing Unarmed Man

Nathan Dimoff

The North Carolina cops who surrounded and assaulted an unarmed man have been indicted due to video evidence.

On April 3rd, 2018, Kyron Hinton, 29, gained the attention of multiple agencies while he was standing in the middle of Raleigh Boulevard around 10 p.m.

Multiple calls to 911 were made by those driving by, stating they believed they saw Hinton openly display a gun, though he was unarmed.

First to arrive were the North Carolina Highway Patrol, followed by Raleigh Police Department, and then finally a Wake Countys K9 unit arrived as well.

Trooper Zachary Bumgardner was the first to arrive. Minutes later, Raleigh police officers arrive and formed a circle around Hinton with no weapons pointed

When Deputy Broadwell arrives with his K9, Loki, that is when things take a turn for the worse.

“Get on the ground now or you're gonna get bit," the deputy yells out multiple times as he gets closer while holding Loki. Once close enough, Broadwell swings his arm while telling Loki to "get him, get him, get him!"

After the dog starts attacking Hinton, you can see the officers swarm him and assault him for around five minutes. It gets so bad that at one point, you can hear an officer yell for someone to get the dog out of here.

While being attacked, you can hear Hinton moan as well shouting "Yahweh help" and "God is good."

"I'm glad my radio broke, man. I punched him in the face while Loki was biting him," Broadwell is heard saying on camera.

"I got him right in the eye about three times. He's on something. He's crazy. Look. He's still talking," can be heard after but it is unconfirmed which law enforcement officer said it.

After multiple news outlets requested footage of the incident, Wake County Superior Court Judge A. Graham Shirley issued an order for the footage to be released.

After the judge ordered for the video to be released,Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman made a statement to Charlotte Observer:

"As district attorney, I am asking our community to allow the justice system to operate. While we understand and respect that there may be individuals who want their voices heard throughout this process, we pray that such actions be done peaceably.”

Raleigh Police Department also issued a statement to The News & Observer:

"As with any situation where a citizen is injured, this matter is of great concern to the Raleigh Police Department. This matter was proactively referred to the Wake County District Attorney's office for independent review... We will remain cooperative and transparent."

Broadwell has been charged with: assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, assault inflicting serious bodily injury, and willfully failing to discharge duties.

North Carolina state troopers Michael G. Blake and Tabithia L. Davis have both been charged with: assault inflicting bodily injury and willfully failing to discharge duties.

Hinton suffered from 21 dog bites, a broken nose and a fractured eye socket. He was originally charged with disorderly conduct, resisting a public officer and assault on a law enforcement animal, but after viewing the video footage, Wake prosecutors dismissed all charges against him.

You can see a different dash camera footage here but it does not have audio.

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Even when people win their cases against police, we all still lose. Cops gets paid vacation, citizen ends up hospitalized or dead. Polic then claim we followed 'procedure'. Always the same bullshit, always the same excuses.


A prosecutor's office that goes after the violent, instead of the victim of the violent, is how it is supposed to be in a free land.

Cops In Cuffs